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because it’s important to gather

One of my favorite things to do is meet up with a friend at a local coffee shop. It provides both of us an opportunity to slow down. A chance to catch up on the little things and time to dive in deeper.

Sitting across the table from a friend stories are shared. Hearts are opened. Sometimes there are tears shed, but always there is laughter.

We both leave with a little pep in our step. Soul conversation does that. It ignites the fire within and brings joy to the surface. It is the healing balm we both needed and one that brings us closer together.

Due to distance between us it may not be possible to sit across the table, but with the magic of technology we can share time together on the screen.

How I would love to gather with you for an intimate {online} coffee date. Just me & you! Sharing our stories. Opening our hearts. Taking time to really get to know one another. Because connection matters!

Let’s set a date and meet online. Unless your in the area, then let’s meet in person! How I would love to get to know you more deeply!

Sound like something you are interested in?

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