When my mom had passed my co-workers wanted to send me a note to let me know they were thinking of me.  Knowing my love of snail mail rather than sending one card from everyone they each wrote their own and sent them out throughout the week to fill my mailbox with love.  It was one of the most beautiful and thoughtful things I had every encountered.  Stacks of cards each day arrived and reminded me how the written word can truly make a difference in someone's day.  

I wanted to be able to pass along that feeling of hope and love to others and so I began the Love Notes Fairy community.  A group of individuals who are ready and willing to take on secret missions and mail cards of love and hope to individuals who need it most.  Individuals who are suffering through a difficult time and could simply use a bouquet of love notes to let them know that they aren't alone.  These individuals are chosen by nominations from their friends and loved ones. Know someone who could use a little bit of extra love, nominate them today.

Are you up for making someones day and sending a bit of love and hope?  Know that the words you send has the power to change their day.  One simple card letting them know they aren’t alone!  The power of words is incredible!  Don't worry, if you don't know what to write I always provide a few prompts or words that you can choose from.  If you are ready for these types of secret mission simply provide your email below.  You will be notified whenever a fairy is in need and you can then choose to accept the mission or not. 


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Know someone who could use a bouquet of Love Notes in their mailbox?  Nominate them today!

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Kind Words

"My husband had a terrible motorbike accident in January. For some hours I thought he was dead. But we were so lucky and he’s still here. We were lucky enough to be the recipients of many Fairy Notes from throughout the world. And it really helped, both of us. My husband was shocked that people who didn’t know us could care so much. We had a really terrible time and the Fairy Notes made a huge difference. Thank you for all of this, without you none of this would exist."
~ Annette

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"It's been kinda a crappy day.  I've been at the oncologist all day (4.5hrs) in preparation to start my chemo treatments this week.  Well, that has been delayed a week because I have bronchitis, on the verge of pneumonia so they hopped me up on some really good meds to get rid of it (Yay!) But when I got back to the shop, my mailbox was full of letters & postcards of love, prayers, hugs, cheer, etc. from all over the country from people I don't even know....Washington, Calif., NJ, Michigan, Minnesota, etc....

Apparently, someone has signed me up with a group called 'Love Notes Fairy'!!  These really cool humans send random notes to someone going through a rough time.  IT'S SO AWESOME!  

Well I called my sister, to tell her about it and as it turns out, HER MAILBOX WAS ALSO FULL of random love too!!! 

This is the coolest thing!!  I do not know who signed us up, but whoever you are.....THANK YOU!!  Talk about a boost!!
~ Sarah  

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"I want to thank you and the Love Notes Fairy group for all of the notes that I received through the year.  These notes have gotten me through some tough times as at times.  Tell the ladies thank you very much for the Notes.  I have them in a box that I will take out and read.  You are a very wonderful organization and at some point I would like very much to be a person who can send out the Notes."
~ Pat

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"The past two years were the most difficult I've faced in quite some time.  Possibly ever.  I went through a long divorce process.  Because I no longer had to answer to anyone else, I was able to reach out to others who were in much worse situations than me...my dreams grew large, and my biggest dream of philanthropy began to be born.  My large house became a home, and a shelter to those who needed a night or weekend away to gather their thoughts.  Women gathered on my patio in the summer - fire pit, wine, laughter - and in my living room in the cooler months - board games, movies, bonding.  Somewhere in the midst of all this great good stuff, someone nominated me to receive Love Notes.  It was perfect timing!  The push of the past 2 years was fading away, and I was tired.  So tired.  The cards and notes appeared daily for a number of weeks...I'd open my mailbox smiling every day.  They renewed my spirit!  I've always been the one to give give give, so it was strange to receive...but oh so nice! Thank you for following your voice and creating Love Notes...they are so powerful, and you are such a blessing!"
~ Linda

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"When I was first diagnosed, I was on an emotional roller coaster and scared about the future.  I just wanted to crawl into bed and stay there.  I was thrilled to find cards pouring in from the Love Notes Fairies.  They were not "Get Well Soon!" cards. They were mostly cards of encouragement. Words that helped me get through each day.  To my surprise a majority of the cards were hand written with just the right words I needed to hear.  Words saying that I was strong or brave, neither of which I felt each day after my radiation treatments.  I was emotionally and physically exhausted and the cards lifted me up, strengthen my spirit and reminded me that others were thinking of me. People that didn't really know me.  People that took a moment out of their day to help me get through a difficult time.  I'm very grateful for this amazing group of Love Notes Fairies."
~ Rosanne

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"I just wanted to thank you so so so so much for the delicious love notes I am receiving daily from your #lovenotesfairy folks. It was with extreme delight that I got the first card, and then the next, and then a few more, and today there were 6 cards waiting for me in my mailbox. The added joy is that I go out with my husband and we walk our dogs to our community mailboxes and I get to peer inside with the joy of childhood to see what awaits! Oh my goodness it is filled with love and kindness every day, lately!  

I feel loved
I feel wrapped up in a blanket of healing
I feel a burst of joy in my heart
I feel how much they care
The love of strangers is one of my greatest joys!
~ Ingrid

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