Love Notes Post Card Project ~ Won't you join us

The Love Notes Post Card Project is back and we want YOU to be a part of it.

Do you dread going to the mailbox because there is nothing exciting in there?  Do you want to receive something else besides bills and catalogues?  Would a hand written note from someone brighten your day?  If you answered YES to those questions then this project is for you.

How it works:

*  The Love Notes Post Card Project will run for three weeks ~ December 9th - December 23rd

*  Each week you will send out one postcard to a fellow love note participant who is assigned to you.  Don't worry, you will receive an email with a special writing prompt for each week so that you do not have to stare at the blank page unsure of what to write.

*  Then before the week ends simply drop your post card in the mail

It is as simple as that. Postcards were chosen for this project because of their small size and less intimidating amount of space to write in.  You can buy a postcard, make a postcard, or send a little notecard.

Your name will be given to a fellow Love Note participant who will be sending love notes your way. Unfortunately I cannot 100% guarantee they they will send out there postcards, but my hope in my heart is that they do.

During this busy holiday season it is nice to slow down for a moment.  The Love Notes Post Card project invites you pause, sink into the moment, and write words from the heart ~ on an actual piece of paper.  Words that will brighten someones day and spread sunshine to all those hands it passes through.  Won't you join us?

Head on over to


to sign up.  Please note if you participated in the last round of the Love Notes Postcard project you will have to sign up again to be a part of this series.