take your time

You don’t have to have it all figured out
You can make it up as you go along
Change the story
Switch lanes
Even shift characters and personalities
In one minute you can be a diva, shining your light in all it’s glory
And then you could be curled up on the couch with a book

You do not have to have it all figured out
Life ebbs and flows
Each of us
And everything around us is constantly changing
The weather is a perfect example
Every single day it is not the same
Each day it shows up deciding what it wants to be

Sure we love the sunshine days that make us dance and feel good
But the rain is needed as well
To bring nourishment to the ground
We need the shift
With change brings growth

So let go of figuring it out
Soak in the glory of what is, right now
What lies deep in your heart?
What words are whispering to you?
Do you want to have a dance party in your living room
Or crawl back into bend

Tend to your heart, listen to your soul
Do what you need to nourish yourself

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