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how I spent my summer vacation

summer vacation

Do you remember that first day back to school in September?  Your teacher would ask you what you did over summer vacation.  He or she giving you just a brief moment to summarize everything that happened.  But how can you do that in one quick second?  

 My heart is filled with summertime stories.  The types of stories that included sun kissed skin, melting ice cream, and lots of fresh air.  There were all sorts of adventures and traveling down unexplored roads.  Late night giggles, lots of sunshine, and feeling the sand between my toes.  

It was a summer I want to hold onto.  A summer filled with love, adventures, and traveling down unknown roads.  It was an opportunity to let go of the everyday routine and allow my heart to lead me where I wanted to go.  

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I am grateful for all baseball games.  The many days at the beach.  Sinking deep into yoga and finding my way back to meditation.  

I am grateful for the brilliant colors this world shows up with.  Epic sunsets in the most stunning orange hues.  Brilliant blue skies and white puffy clouds.  

Adventure awaits around every corner.   It will not come knocking.   You need to go after it.  There is beauty out there just waiting for you to experience it.  

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But sometimes you just need to stay where you are and sink deep into slowing down.  My front porch was a welcome invitation.  It provided me a space to journal, read, and deeply breathe in the fresh air.  Time on my porch is like medicine for my soul.  

There were books.  So many books devoured.  'Marrow: A Love Story' by Elizabeth Lesser ... 'Secrets in Summer' by Nancy Thayer ... 'How to Walk Away' by Katherine Center.... were just a few.  I became best friends with the library again, spending time writing there and exploring the shelves.  

There was live music, new restaurants, fish caught, weights lifted, time babysitting, sand castles built.  Many baseball games, a foot ball game, a golf tournament.  It was the summer of epic adventures.


As it comes to a close I want to remember to savor it all.  All to often I am moving quickly from one thing to the next that I do not take a proper moment to celebrate and appreciate what was.  There is lots to appreciate about this past summer.  

And so I am heading out to my front porch with my journal and taking some time to reflect on all that was.  The memories, the feelings, the taste, the sounds.  The beauty and delight.  Laughter and tears.  Heart expanding moments and road blocks that forced me to push through.  I want to remember it all.  To stand in glory of the goodness as well as the the shaky uncomfortable ground.  All of it makes up what this epic summer was.  

I invite you to not let the feelings slip away to quickly.  Take a moment to reflect.  You don't jut have to do this alone in your notebook.  Get those you love involved as well.  Around the dinner table ask everyone to share their favorite summer memory.  Ask them what summer taught them.  Their answeres may surprise you. 

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My top five summer memories are?

The feeling I do not want to forget from this summer is . . . 

One thing I learned this summer is ...

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Let's Work Together

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