jen lee

ignite the spark

There has been so much goodness filling my well as I re-enter from my first time teaching at Squam Arts Workshops.  It was an amazing experience and has confirmed what I have known since I was a little girl. . . I love teaching, and am meant to share that with the world.  Dreaming up more ways to make that happen.    

Have you seen the drinkable book?  My goodness!!!  Genius!!!  Inspiring me to see that a book can really be anything and help people in an infinite number of ways.  

My dear friend Mindy Tsonas is hosting an amazing online workshop:  Inner Alchemy Circle - Fire Coven.  The gathering begins on July 6th and the line up of teachers is magical.  I would love to circle with you there.  

Have you heard about Indie Kindred?  Well it is now available for rent on vimeo.  Hooray!  Jen Lee has crafted together the meaning of collaboration so beautifully.  

And if you are looking to get your paint on this summer then look no further than Mindy Lacefield's Image, Play, Emerge online workshop.  Mindy has a fun and playful approach to painting that will get you going.  

Happy Friday!  Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and giggles.