Michelle GD

ignite the spark

"Life isn't about getting and having, it's about give and being." -Kevin Kruse

This week has been filled up with so much goodness including sitting on my patio listening to this interview.  If you ever wondered how Squam Arts Workshops came to be listen in.  So interesting to hear how it all unfolded, and this line from Elizabeth resonated with me deeply:

"I don't have a social disorder. I wasn't with my tribe. Because with my tribe I could talk to four in the morning about things we are passionate about"

My wrist has filled up with color after adding this adorable piece. Erin creates such fun pieces and is such a delight to do business with.  

I am also looking forward July where I will be immersed in 28 Moments.  Michelle GD is such a kind heart and I can't wait to begin the journey of exploring writing and photography as a tool to look closely at how I move through my days.  

What about you?  What has been filling up your cup this week?