These days I am loving . . .

::  The sun shining bright on my drive home from work
::  Spending time with Dustin  ---  laughing, dreaming, scheming
::  Seeing my words in print.  It will be in bookstores soon!
:: Watching all the goodness that is unfolding through the Love Notes Post Card project and hearing stories like this one and this one
::  Listening to my niece sing this song  --- she is four
::  Artsyvilles' new goodie boxes filled with color and artsyville love.  I have seen them in person and they are delightful. 
::  Lisa's new work over in the Happy Mama Shop  Perfect for any room in the house. 
::  The simple pleasures in life, like hearing the birdies chirping in the morning

What are yo loving these days?