We stumbled upon this place unexpectedly
A wrong turn that ended up being so right
The stillness of turtle pond, the light breeze, the sun shining
Each of these elements brought such peace and calm
The conversation danced in between deep comfortable silence
Each of us savoring the moment, sinking deep into this space and each other

We ate delicious cookies and laughed with one another
Taking in the beautiful canvas that nature creates
We soaked in the simplicity of life and what is really important
Going back to our roots
Remembering what is true
Speaking from the heart

It is so easy to get caught up in the moment, dragged through the hustle
Spending money in hopes of feeding our happiness
But it is the small moments that matter most
The spaces of time where we slow down
Drink each other in, share the truth of our heart, and be with one another
It is in this space where true happiness exists