coming to a close

I sit here in this moment
Reminiscing through memories of the past year
Moments created
Trips taken
Adventures right around the corner

There was growth
Wings spread
Soaring higher than I even imagined
I learned how to fly, all on my own

I am grateful for my photographs
They tell the tales of where I have been
What I have encountered
What I triumphed over
And what filled my heart with love

Moments with friends
Deep conversations
Brainstorming ideas
Love, light, laughter
Sitting by the fire, appreciating the beauty of the moment

Years seem to go by with the blink of an eye
The warm sun soothes my skin
And then before I know
The cold days of december rush in
Another year under my belt

Bidding farewell to a year is bittersweet
Happy for the time and the space to create
Grateful to have been here to witness it all
Sad it is coming to a close and a new year begins
A fresh start, a clean slate, a new chance to get it right

I am looking forward to 2013
Excited about new adventures
Getting my act together
Creating the life of my dreams, each and every day
And soaking in the beauty around me

What has moved you in 2012?
What are you looking forward to in 2013?
I would love to hear all about it.