filling up my heart

It is the little things in life that fill us up with love and happiness. Those tiny slivers of light that infuse us with hope.  These precious moments create our days and inspire us to go after our dreams.  For each of them, no matter how small they are I am grateful.  Here is a sliver of moments that have been filling my well.

*  a walk after work with me and my camera.  it has been to long since we have been together
*  a phone conversation with Mindy, this girl totally rocks my world!
*  the smell of spring in the air
*  words spilling onto the paper
*  taking time for myself to open a book
*  laughter amongst friends
*  windows and doors opening up
*  feeling him curl up next to me in the middle of the night
*  light spilling into my car on the drive home
*  photographs that bring me back

What is filling up your heart these days?