forgiving yourself

Sometimes before we can move forward we have to get our hands messy

Dig deep down into the dirt and pull out what we have been holding onto for so long

We have to come face to face with our demons

Own our truth

And continue to push forward

It is not always easy to face our dark side

To forgive ourselves for decisions we have made and risks we have taken

But in order to move forward we must do that

We must be gentle with our hearts

And realize we are all only human

Forgiveness opens us up to light

Heals our soul

And allows us to step boldly into the unknown future before us

It lets us see again

And feel the heart beat of the world

Take that one tiny step towards forgiving yourself

And see the path that will begin to open itself up to you

Step onto this path and push yourself forward

Step by step you will feel your heart open up

And the worries in your mind will be set free