You have to believe in yourself

Believe that everything you dream of

Everything that calls to your heart

Even the silent whispers that your souls speaks

You have to believe that you are deserving of all of them

You have to stop beating yourself up

Stop thinking you will never make it

Stop letting those inner demons speak louder than your tenderness

You are traveling down your life path

You are on your very own journey

All of your hopes, dreams, and inner desires

They all have the potential to unfold right before you

But first

You have to believe

Believe in how wonderful you really are

Believe that the world would be a much different place

If you weren't here carving your own path

You have to believe in your worth

Because you are so worthy

Of love, light, laughter, adventure

You are worthy of it all

Today is the day

To take that one small step

That will open up a world of opportunity for you

Simply because you belived in yourself