reach out

I was soaring through the sky

Feeling light




Flying gracefully

Soaking in the view

It was beautiful

Until I started to plummet

Unpleasant words entering my ears

Frustrations building up

My stomach twisting into knots

I could feel the darkness creeping in

A crumbling crash from my incredible high

I knew I had to take control

Otherwise it would spread wildly through me

I reached out to a friend

Removed myself from the darkness

And grounded myself into my light

We cannot travel on our paths alone

Sometimes that small moment

That brief encounter

That contagious laugh

Is all we need to bring us back

But we cannot get that

Unless we ask for help

We are never alone

There is always someone there

Who will help us along

Hold our hand

Listen to our stories

Reach for them when you feel yourself falling

They may not be able to tell

How deeply drained you are inside

Until you share it with them

Open yourself up to them

Allow them to be there for you

It is during our most vulnerable times

That we deeply connect

Allow yourself to be seen

Even in your darkness

That moment of truth

Will lead you to the light