I am reflecting on my word from 2010 ~ connection

It is amazing to see all the ways it has manifested itself

Without me even knowing it was hard at work

Connections with my family have grown deeper and stronger

Forming bonds between different individuals

Watching some push themselves to achieve their goal

Soaking in the sunshine at the beach


Art nights


Coming together in a time of need

Games played and



Memories made

Lemon crushes being poured

And just knowing that "if you play it, they will come"

My roots have also grown deeper with my tribe

Using all sorts of technology to stay connected

The little message that arrive in the palm of my hand

The card in the mailbox

Encouraging words and kind comments left

All of them lifting me up right when I need it most

Leaving me feeling seen for exactly who I am

Traveling to North Carolina and being

engulfed by love

All of it leaves my heart feeling full with joy

It continues to amaze me how we each support one another

I love watching it all unfold

Other individuals stood by my side and held my hand

Right when I needed it

An unexpected connection

A conversation that changed my life

Moments where I shared pieces of me

And they in turn opened up to share pieces of themselves

What a beautiful experience

I had unexpected adventures with friends

Watching them push themselves

Just a little bit further than they thought they could go

Laughing as

silly string

covered my apartment

Watching the beauty of


light up the sky

Listening to one another over a cup of coffee

Dinner together

Backyard games

All sorts of fun shared

I learned a lot about myself in 2010

About what moves me

What makes me drag my feet and waste my time

I let go of things that I was holding onto in my heart

Things that were weighing me down and no longer served me

I forgave myself



this story of forgiveness with the world

I also declared that just as I am in this very moment

I am enough

Even in January I knew I was

exactly where I needed to be

I feel a deeper connection to my heart and soul

And an inner confidence I did not have before

I soaked up the wave of weather that blesses the east coast

Walking in the snow

Being a

book fairy

Hiking in the woods

Traveling into nyc alone

Feeling the rays of sunshine as the sun kissed my skin

I got lost on my bicycle

Dug my feet into the sand

Found new places

Explored the area around me

Went off on an adventure to Philly

I spent a lot of time breathing in the fresh air

2010 has been a year of deep connection for me

Manifesting itself as I went out and lived life

Allowing me the opportunity to giggle in the rain