Summertime Memories

The summer has come to a close. Not with a bang, but rather with a quiet solitude. Which somehow seems to be exactly as it should.

This was a good summer for me. Filled with lots of family time. Laughter. Fun. Swimming in the ocean. Swimming in the pool. Sand between my toes. Fireworks. Watching volleyball. Lots and lots of sunshine. Riding my bicycle. And going on fun adventures. Just to name a few. I created many amazing memories and have such wonderful things to look back on and smile about.

Thank you dear universe for giving me this precious gift this summer. Thank you for cracking me open. Making me see myself. Learn a lot about who I am. Thank you for opening me up to fully experience unconditional love. A type of love that can only come from family. Family love is like no other. It is always there, especially Belthoff Family type of Love. We can overcome anything together. That is a true blessing that cannot be overlooked.

As summer comes to a close I would like to take the time to look back on some of my favorite summertime memories. So that is what I am going to do this week. I hope you will join me and share some of your favorite memories that you created this summer as I share some of mine with you.