One Another

We were all there together

Gathered in one place

Each on own journey

Going through our own struggles

Celebrating our own successes

Each of us living our own lives

The Oregon Coast brought us to one another

Gave us the opportunity to slow down

Unearth ourselves

Let go of some of the things we were holding onto

Bring us back to who we are

It gave us the chance to see each other

Look deep into each others eyes

Embrace, hold hands, laugh, smile, and shed tears

It gave us so much more than we ever expected

Friendships were made

Life long bonds were formed

And each of us know we have little cheerleaders out there

Shaking their pom poms for our successes

Wiping our tears and standing beside us in our struggles

Always there for each other

Four days changed our lives forever

We are able to stand a little taller

Lean on each other for support

And know in our hearts we are there

Present for one another