Speak UP!

So easy to put on paper
So easy to hide between the pages of my favorite books, underneath my pillow, and tucked far away only to be discovered on some unknown rainy day.
I can scribble anything down and I have the choice
To keep it, hide it in a safe place, tear it up, or even burn it.

Yet speaking those words out loud is a lot more scary.
You cannot so easily take them back
You cannot so easily erase what you only saying in pure emotion.
Once they pass your lips, that is it

It is difficult for me to speak at times
I am not sure what to say, how to say it, or even if what I am saying makes sense
I talk in circles, never really getting to the point
Or  I don't speak at all.

But I want to jump over this hurdle
I want to speak my mind, be myself, and say whatever it is I am thinking
No matter how foolish or silly it may sound to someone else.
Eventually I will find there are people out there who won't think my words are so foolish, 
and I can guarantee you they are standing besides me today
Supporting me, loving me, and giving me strength even when they don't realize.

So I must be brave
Stand tall
and speak UP!