I dream...


dream of  a place where children can come and feel safe enough to be themselves.

I dream of exploring, taking trips, getting dirty in nature, and enjoying what surrounds us.

I dream of raising self esteem, ingraining an awareness for the


, and respecting others.

I dream of story telling, listening to ideas, creating dreams and watching them unfold before our very eyes.

I dream of laughter, smiles, and lots of hugs.

I dream of place that children look forward to coming to and parents feel safe sending there children.

I dream of a place where we take the time to know one another and embrace our differences.

I dream of painting, singing, dancing, and doing whatever sparks our interest.

I dream of an enchanted place where children grow, are nourished with love and support, and connect to each other and the world which surrounds them.

And like the picture says...

"Anything's Possible"