2008 Life Proposal

I am working on my life proposal for 2008. This is what I have so far, the rough draft.

My 2008 Life Proposal

I would like to propose a life filled with creative endeavors. A life where I am free to dream, free to create, and free to be "me". In doing this I am connecting with individuals and inspiring them to take their own creative adventure.

I plan on doing this by smiling at strangers more often and provoking them into conversation. Asking "feeling" questions, rather hen just discussing the weather and taking the time to really listen to the answer. Be aware of my enviornment, and truly feel my surroundings.

I will work hard to create with what is around m and incorporate who is around me. And most importantly I will not feel silly or stupid for my efforts no matter who puts me down.

Like any Proposal I am going to have to discuss it with the "bosses" of my life...my heart and mind. I hope they come together on this and fully support my proposal, encourage me along the way, and give me positive feedback.

What would you life proposal look like for 2008?