See you soon...

Yesterday Christian and I dropped Alvaro off at the airport. It was a time of enormous emotion for me. We had to go to JFK, the same airport I flew out of when I went to Mexico. Memories flooded back from my trip. I remembered crying because I was a little scared of going to Mexico. For me the trip was not just about helping the people of the community, but it also entailed meeting Christians Mother and Brothers, and seeing for the first time the country my dearest love was from. I felt like so much was "riding" on that trip. What if I hated Mexico? What if his mother disliked me? What if I was unable to communicate because of the language barrier? In my head so many "what if's" were swirling around. But bravely and boldy I got on the plane and traveled with a group of people I have never met before and had one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

I love MEXICO!!! Being there felt like home. Every person I encountered was so nice, kind, and caring. I was able to speak the language a lot more than I ever knew I could, and learned more words. I met Christian's mother and his two brothers and they are simply wonderful people. It was the most amazing wonderful opportunity of my life. The people that I encountered in Mexico are forever engrained in my heart. And one day I will be a part of

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Yesterday there I was again in JFK right outside of AeroMexico. While sitting in the airport with Alvaro and Christian, enjoying Alvaros last meal in America, it hit me like a ton of bricks: "This is exactly were I want to be. To be with Christian. To be a part of his family. To be connected to Mexico and America." It really hit me, and everything felt so right. There is no better feeling in the world than when something feels so right.

Christian has been here for five years and for that time he has not seen his brothers or his mother. So next year we plan to take the trip to Mexico and to get things in order for a more solidified commitment between us :) And I am extremely excited about that.

I cannot wait for the time when there is no border keeping Christian and I from freely going back and forth between Mexico and America. So we will both have the opportunity to enjoy our family. For now though I would like to wish Alvaro luck, and the best possible experience returning to a place he has been away from for so long. Christian and I already miss him greatly, but know in our hearts that he is very happy to be where he is. And we will see you soon!!