Today is sad

Tomorrow is our big moving day.
People have said congratulations, and that makes me sad inside.
We are not 'moving up'
We aremoving down.
Going from our one bedroom, to a studio.
Of course financially it is much smarter for us,
And will give us the chance to save our money for Mexico.
Yet at the same time it is a little sad.
So many happy memories here.
I love this apartment.
I am really going to miss this apartment.  
It is going to be strange to see someone else living in 'our apartment.'

I am also a little sad because the apartment is not what I expected.
I saw the studio  next door and thought it was the same,
it had a huge bathroom, and enormous closet.
413 does not have those two great features.
I am not sure how we will fit our things...
How everything will flow easily.
I am nervous about no walls to divide things
and a smaller space.

I am sad, and today I am going to let myself be sad.
Tomorrow will be a busy day of moving,
and finding new places for things, and making our space..."our space."
Tomorrow will be exciting, but today is sad.