Fall Days

The Fall is beautiful.  Fabulous colors, brilliant sunshine glowing through the changing colors of leaves.  Cool days and crisp nights.  However, as beautiful as it is, fall is a time for me to mourn the end of summer.  

I am a summer girl.  I enjoy the feel of the bright sunshine warming my skin.  Sitting outside reading a book.  Stargazing at night.  Going for a walk or playing  a fun game of tennis.  Riding my bike to the grocery store and laughing the whole way home because I bought way to many things and now I must juggle them while continue to pedal my bicycle.  

The summer is a time for me to play.  I embrace this fully and almost make it my full time job.  However when the fall days start to get cold all I can think about doing is curling up under my blanket and not getting out until spring time.  

So if you are looking for me, that is where you can find me.  Curled up in bed enjoying a movie or reading a good book.  Possibly I will find something to keep me warm enough in the fall winter days and I will come out and play.  But until I find that you won't find me.