Love of a lifetime.

"When a trip goes right, things take on an inevitablilty, a momentum they never have in real life"

"With a place, as with a person, you sometimes find the one you have been looking for all your life and your surrendor is immediate, and you talk and talk all night, getting to know one another as if to pack several past lifetimes into a single evening."

"The space between is always the place of potential, of strange promise."

"The definition of love is that it defies all expectations."

"It was the times when nothing happened that convinced me that I had been changed for good; something had been placed in me - a thought, a dream, a question - that I would never manage to uproot."

"Nothing was happening, and I was happier than I'd been anywhere."

"There is only one time that you fall in love and feel, with trembling assurance, that your life is slipping away from you irreverisibly, and youa re delighted at the loss."

All of the above quotes are from an article in an old magazine I found which I saved for the beautiful photos inside. I never read the articles before, I had only looked at the fabulous photos. However the first quote in the article caught my eye, and it spoke volumes to me. The article is 'Cuba, arriving in a new life' by Pico Iyer and it was published in 2006 in 'Islands' Magazine. Oh Pico, your article was beautifully articulate. Everything he had said about Cuba I feel about Mexico.

Inside of me is this seed, this spark, that will not die. It is only looking and seeking to be nourished and filled with more. It will not go away. It will never go away. It is my destiny, it is me, it is everything I am.

I have traveled to many places before. I have enjoyed there company and there surroundings. I have even felt love for certain places. But nothing like I felt for Mexico. Nothing speaks to me more than Mexico does. I cannot even put into words the feelings that are going through my heart as I type this right now. But I can say that they feel amazing.