Divine Inspiration!

Michelle has come up with a brilliant way of celebrating her birthday. (I apologize, but I need to figure out how to link again, once I do I will put up the link) She is going to do one thing each day in May to pamper her soul and feed her spirit. What an amazing way to celebrate her birthday. I think it is incredibly inspiring and I am going to try to do it as well. This is something I really need to think about though, and like she said...mark it on my calender.

Taking time to nourish my body, inspire my creative soul, and feed my inner spirit. Time for myself, to fully indulge and appreciate who I am. A time to celebrate me. I belive I will kick it off tomorrow with some dancing. What better way to begin than with Bob Sinclair's "Love Generation." Dancing is extremly healing, and really lifts up my spirits. I'll be honest, I really enjoy dancing in front of the mirror. :)

I think this month a bike ride is in order. As well as an early morning walk, taking beautiful photos of myself, singing along to my favorite songs, exploring the book store--which I have not done in so long, walking tall and being proud of who I am, cooking myself a nice meal and eating it by candle light, diving into a fabulous book that I want to read....hmm I wonder what else. I will definitly keep you posted as to what I indulge in during this month of me.