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working together

When my mom was really sick I remember standing in line at the coffee shop in a complete daze.  The world was spinning around me and everyone was moving at a rapid pace; the same pace I used to move in before I heard the words stage four cancer.  On the outside it may have looked like I had it all together, but on the inside I was crumbling.  As people buzzed around me they had no idea that my life was changing forever.  

We move through life so quickly.  We live in our own little bubbles.  We feel sometimes that we are the only ones suffering, the only ones fighting to take that next step forward, the only ones with a wide open gash in our heart.  But the truth of the matter is we are not the only ones.  We all struggle, we all suffer, we all need to figure out how to take the next step.  

The best part about being human is that
we do not need go through our struggles alone.

Writing was a huge part of helping me heal through my mom's death.  I filled many pages of my journal and also shared some of my writing publicly on my blog.  My words were raw and honest.  I consciously choose not to censor them.  It was through this vulnerability that I invited others in.  Individuals reached out with love, they shared their own stories, and provided a simple acknowledgment for what I was going through. 

It was through this sharing that I realized I wasn't alone.  

I had also created a private email list with a small group of family and friends that I would write to.  Having this outlet helped me process a lot of the feelings I was struggling with.  It was a safe space for me to spill open.  I wrote about my fears, my memories, my sadness, and my pain.  This small group of individuals held these words close and gave me space to heal in my own time.  

After my mom's death I began writing letters to her.  I have a special notebook dedicated to this.  I tell her about the latest things that are going on.  Give her the gossip and the inside scoop.  I share with her more in those letter than I ever had when she was here.  Writing these letters gives me an opportunity to continue to connect with her.  

Writing seems like such a simple thing, but putting words onto paper is cathartic and opens the gate to your heart.  The page gives you space to spill open and just be.  It never once judges what you put on it and that is an incredible gift.  You are the one who chooses if you share it or not.  You can rip it up, burn it, or let others read what you have wrote.  You are the keeper of your words.  

When you write you open up the gate to your heart and give yourself a little bit of breathing room.  You can spill about your past or dream about your future.  You decide where the pen is going to go.  

I have been writing ever since I was small.  It has been so long that I don't even know what life was like before I found the page.  I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go and spill the contents of my heart into it.  The pages aren't filled with pretty writing or the most eloquent of words but they are filled with my deepest desires, my worries and fears, list of places I want to visit, dreams I hope to one day accomplish, ramblings of things I didn't know I needed to work through, and moments of love and happiness.  

I don't know who I would be if I didn't have the opportunity to figure it out on the page.  Writing is an outlet for me that helps me untangle everything that get's twisted.  It is my saving grace when I feel off kilter and overwhelmed.  It provides me sanity, connection, and a chance to be compassionate with myself.  I know that writing has save my life time and time again.  

As an avid writer and a believer that words
can heal our hearts I want to work with you. 


one-on-one mentoring

It wasn't just during my mothers death that I turned to writing but every day before that and every day since.  I write through the daily stresses of showing up in life.  Through those feelings of not feeling good enough, doing enough, being enough. 

The page is a tool
helping me heal, grow, and expand. 

Through my years of writing I have learned how to dig in and get to the heart of the matter.  How to put the ego aside and allow the truth to spill open with compassion rather than criticism.  I have different prompts that I use when I don't know what to write and tools that help me show up again and again.  

I want to share all of this with YOU! 

I want to help you stand tall and unearth your light. 

I want you to know that you do not have to walk this journey alone.  We can do it together!  I am here to hold your hand and walk beside you.  We can do so much more when we do it together.  

I offer two separate One-on-One mentoring programs.

stand tall

One is an opportunity to dip your toe in the water through daily writing prompts delivered to your inbox for one week. 

The prompts will be tailored just for you based on what you want to work on or through.  

unearth your light

If you want to dive in deeper we can work together for a month.  I will hold up the mirror for your so you can see how amazing you are as you work through different writing prompts, creative excursions, and secret missions.  

This program is created based upon what you want to work on.  

I know that writing heals.  Spilling your own words and reading the words of others can open you up in a way that you never expected.  It is a beautiful gift that we are able to easily give ourselves.  

I remember one time sitting in the library writing about one thing but as I kept writing my heart took over and the words spilled into another direction completely.  What began as complaints about my struggles at work ended up being a complete heart opening about a previous relationship I was in.  These feelings were tucked deep into my heart.  I didn't even realize that there was so much I had yet to work through.  But the page knew and gave me the space to work through it.  

Let's work through what is breathing inside your heart. 

Let's set free what you no longer need to carry around.  Let's give a voice to those dreams that want to come true.  Let's put your deepest desires into motion.  

It is time for you to claim your life.  Let's begin by taking it to the page and unearthing what you truly desire!  

It would be an honor and a privilege to work with you.  

Have a question?  Please feel free to reach out to me at jennifer@jenniferbelthoff.com.

I invite you

love notes prompt

I invite you to slow down and take a moment just for YOU.  Yes, you.  You deserve it.  You may still be in your PJ's.  Your hair may be a mess.  The dishes may need to be done.  But don't worry about any of that right now. 

Make yourself a cup of tea.  Find a warm place to sit.  Get comfortable. 

Sit for a just moment.  I know, it can be hard to do but I promise you have the time to do it. Constantly we are go, go, go.  But we need to slow down. We need to take the time and create the space to just be.  Do not worry about your long to do list I promise you it will still be there for you when you are through. 

Think about what has made you happy recently. 

What has lit you up?  The smiles from your children.  A wave from a stranger.  That moment in yoga class when you fell into deep meditation.  Just think of one good thing and smile.  Don't smile with just your face, but smile from your heart.  Feel the joy this one precious moment in life brought you.  

Now think of something you are grateful for. 

I know there are many but choose just one.  What one thing, person, moment are you most grateful to have, have been a part of, have been surrounded by.  Think of what you are thankful for and smile.  Again smile with your entire heart.  Feel the the love you have for what you are grateful for.  

Now think about someone you love and adore. 

Picture him or her in all their glory doing what they enjoy most.  See the happiness on their face and the love in their eyes.  Send them light and love for all the adventures they will take in their lifetime.  Smile because they are precious gift in your life and you are a precious gift to them.  

I invite you to sink into all this goodness.  Because no matter how crazy and out of hand life can get there will always be something that made you happy, something you are grateful for, and someone you love.  And when you think of these things a smile will form on your face and you can take it just a little bit deeper by smiling from your heart.   

Smile from your heart today!

This post was inspired by the third prompt for this round of the Love Notes Postcard Project.  This free, three week project invites individuals to get back to the basics and connect with others through snail mail.  This is the twenty third time I am hosting the project and could not be more excited.  

three things I need you to know


Deep in your heart there are truths that you know.  You learned them from your experiences.  Many have been unearthed through your struggles.  Others have come to you in your joy.  And still there are some that you have learned through your day to day living.  You cannot deny these truths but sometimes you need to be reminded of them.  

In the Love Notes Postcard Project this week I asked the participants to share with their partner three things they need there partner to know.  Three truths that are living and breathing in their own hearts.  Yes, there are many more than three but what three would you share?  

Three things I need you to know is:

1 - You can do hard things.  Yes, you can.  It will not always feel comfortable and there will be many times you will want to throw in the towel and just walk away.  But it is through this discomfort that you grow and unearth strength and wisdom.  You learn deeply from these challenges and you emerge stronger, braver, and wiser than you were before.  The hard moments become a badge of honor.  A measuring stick for what you are capable of.  And you will rise up again and again and again.  Because YOU, yes you, can do had things. 

2 - You are not meant to travel through this journey alone.  When you open up your heart, share your stories, and invite others in you unearth your tribe.  You find those individuals who cheer you on, stand beside through the good and the bad, and want to see you flourish and grow.  Together you do amazing things!  It is human nature to want to feel connection with another.  But this only happens when you let down your own wall and share yourself.  You find joy in these connections and together you travel through each journey.  

3 - Having a practice of gratitude helps you unearth the beauty and joy you have in your life.  When you take a moment each day to give thanks for even the smallest of things you invite more joy and love into your life.  Your heart softens and see how even a smile from a stranger can mean everything. When you practice gratitude you become more aware of the little moments that make up your day and see how divine they are.  Gratitude helps center you and encourages you to not walk through this life blindly, but rather take care of the moments and appreciate them. 

What three things do you know?  Share them in the comments below because we learn so much from each other.  

Because we aren't meant to travel alone

I invite you to gather with me.  To show up as you are and share a piece of your heart.  I promise to be sharing a piece of mine as well.  Let's spend an afternoon of creative connection together.  If this sounds even a little bit intriguing to you click below to sign up to receive the invitation.  I hope that you will join me.  It would be wonderful to meet face to face.  

it's time to write your next chapter

We made it.  Through another winter.  Where the darkness crept in but we kept the light burning.  Things slowed down.  The cold air kept us inside.  We hunkered down and hibernated.  Choosing to curl under blankets rather than take off on an adventure.  We were gentle with ourselves.  Easing into the days and quietly settling into the dark nights.  

But we are ready to bloom again.  To step into the sunshine and breathe deeply into what is possible.  It is time to create our own new beginning.  It is time to bring movement and adventure back to our daily lives.  It is time to get outside and run freely.  The spark of creativity is ready to be ignited.  

And so we begin.  On the first day of Spring with hope in our hearts.  We look forward to days filled with light and dream up new adventures to take.  We know the energy that the sun infuses into us and we are ready to blaze a new path forward.  

Time passes quickly.  We must make the most of our moments and write our own incredible stories.  For we are the creators of our life.  We choose where we are going and what we will do when we get there.  Don't waste a single second more.  Begin today to create the most epic story, ever.    

What story are you writing?  What one thing can you do to begin to create the story of your dreams?  

Writing Prompt:  The next chapter of my story is going to include ... 


snail mail love

Your words matter.  What you say, what you write, what you share ... it matters.  All of it.  I am a firm believer in this and have seen it's power in full affect through the Love Notes Postcard Project.  You do not need to personally know someone to touch there lives.  One single sentence arriving in their mailbox can change their day. 

And so we show up.  Spilling the contents of our hearts out onto the page.  We open up.  We take risks.  We share the deepest parts of our souls and we see that we aren't alone.  We all feel scared sometimes.  We all fall down and struggle to get back up.  We all worry and cry and hurt.  And we know that it is going to be ok because we aren't alone.  We are surrounded by love from those we know, those we don't, and surrounded by love from the universe.  

There are times the universe throws us into a tizzy and we can't tell up from down.  Yet not how hard we fall we still find hope in the universe.  We can trust the universe because it shows up for us time and time again.  It reveals it's smiling face, gives us stunning sunsets, and teaches us to seek out laughter.  The universe is a constantly surprises us with it's beauty and love.  There are times it may be hard to find but if we search hard enough and stay open to it's infinite possibility there it is, waiting there with open arms.   

So we continue to press on.  Sharing, loving, giving, being.

These words have been inspired by the first prompt from the Love Notes Postcard Project.  

I can trust the universe because .... 

There are so many incredible and inspiring individuals who are a part of this project.  They bring so much heart and soul to their words and they trust that if they send words out they will receive them back.  It is incredible dance of beauty and grace between strangers.  Curious who some of these amazing people are?  Come join me on the virtual dock and say hello to them.  Interested in the Love Notes Postcard Project?  Sign up for my mailing list to be the first to know when the April round sign up's are open.