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daylight savings time

On the East Coast, the clocks jumped ahead one hour.  This shift in time signifies the end of the dark days of winter and the beginning of more daylight hours after work.  It makes my heart smile and breathes life into my tired body.

In honor of this shift, I have decided to write a letter to the time change, thanking it for all that it is bestowing upon me.  Letter writing is one of my sacred tools. It is a practice I go back to again and again. One that helps me show gratitude, unravel what is in my heart, and find my way back.  

A letter doesn’t have to be written only to a person.  You can write a letter to ANYTHING. Because a letter doesn’t even have to be sent. The very act of writing is where the magic happens.  

Who or what are you grateful for today?  Is it your bed who kept you cozy and warm this morning or a dear friend who held your hand.  Think about one person or thing that has brought joy into your life recently and write a letter of gratitude to them.  Even if it is a “thing” don’t hold back on getting mushy and expressing how you are feeling in your heart.

And if you are writing to a person, I encourage you to take the leap and send it to them.  I can guarantee you will make their day by telling them how grateful you are for them. Go ahead, I dare you!  

Now onto my letter to the time change.  

Feather Long.png

Dear Hour Jump,

Since the winter solstice, I have been looking forward to your arrival.  On the shortest day of the year, I know that I am in the home stretch of the winter darkness.  The countdown began that day to when you would arrive and I am so glad that you decided showed up again.  You never let me down.

Yes, I lost an hour of sleep but I gained so much happiness. With your arrival comes more light and that my dear is golden!  You have no idea how the winter months drag me down. Not because of the cold, but because of the minimal hours of daylight. During these dark days, all I ever want to do is curl up in bed.  I stop moving my body and start feeling sluggish.

But with your arrival, I have been infused with a new wake of energy.  I am ready to explore again. To breathe in the fresh air. To spend hours in the sunshine.  I am smiling from ear to ear and that is all because of YOU.

Thank you for coming back!  

You really play a key role in my mood, in my energy level, and in my desire to explore.  I can’t thank you enough for the way you wake me from my winter slumber and nudge me to come out and play.  Who knew losing an hour of sleep could bring so much JOY!

For me, nothing is lost.  But so much is gained. I appreciate the way you usher in the light.  I appreciate the way you show up every single year like clockwork. Thank you for being so reliable and holding my hand across this threshold.  

I have a bit of pep in my step and I don't know where it will lead me.  But that is part of the thrill. I am open to seeing where I venture. What new sites my eyes may behold.  And how this new season of light may shift me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  For doing what you do and showing up!  It’s time to rock and roll!

Your Biggest Fan

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