the power of choice


Dear Radiant Heart,

What a beautiful moment you are standing in right now.  A brand new day. Another chance to try again. The opportunity to choose what your heart desires.  Do not take this tiny moment for granted.

You may be rushing to get ready before work.  Trying to wrangle the kids out the door for school.  Looking at your to do list and feeling overwhelmed by it's length.  

You may be standing in the deep unknown.  Nothing going right. You might not even be sure what next step to take.

But how divine that you are standing here, in this moment. With a world of possibility greeting you at the door.  

How do you feel? How do you REALLY feel?

Take a moment to check in with yourself.  Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply. Feel your lungs and belly expand.  Be with yourself, even if it is for just two minutes. Choose to smile and allow that smile to fill your heart with joy.

What a beautiful gift this moment is.  

Choose how you are going to show up to this day.  You cannot control what happens but you can control how you act.  What energy do you want to carry with you. The energy you carry affects everyone you interact with.  Be conscious of this and choose with intention.

Choose grace.  Choose kindness, towards yourself and others.  Choose LOVE!

Are you walking towards the light or into the darkness? Choose the LIGHT and remember that the world wants to see you SHINE.

Your Biggest Fan

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journaling prompts

Choice is powerful. Having the ability to choose what you want to do and how you are going to react opens up your heart and empowers your living. Take a moment to explore the following prompt by finishing the sentence with what ever comes up. If you are stuck on what you would tell yourself, think about what you would tell a dear friend.

  • Choose …

Allow yourself permission to move the pen freely across the page. Do not judge what comes up. When we let go the unexpected happens and we usually find our way home.

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