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When I started the Love Notes Postcard Project I had no idea if anyone would be interested in participating. Would strangers really be open to sending snail mail to another? Is it something they would actually want to do?

The project was living and breathing in my heart for awhile. I was craving connection with others. I wanted a way to reach out. I thought if this was something I desired there had to be others out there like me who were looking for this as well.

And so I took a leap. I put the call out there unsure of what the response would be. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised. Individuals were not only interested in sending snail mail, but they were excited about it. They put there hearts into and showed up with so much compassion and kindness. I was blown away!

In dreaming and scheming up this idea one thing I wanted to ensure was that it was easy and simple for anyone to participate. That is how I choose postcards as the format. There is already artwork on it and the writing space is small which makes it less intimidating. The project last for three weeks and individuals are paired up with one another. I provide a writing prompt each Sunday so there is no fear about what to say. Three weeks + three postcards = an opportunity to connect with a stranger through the written word.

I am currently hosting the Love Notes Postcard Project for the twenty-fifth time since it’s inception. The magic of the internet has helped spread the word and individuals from all over the world are participating. Not only do they open up their hearts to their partner but they cheer others on in the Facebook Group.

What started as a small idea flourished into a loving community.

I am so grateful for every individual who has shown up and participated. This project would not be possible without these individuals willing to take a chance and write out a postcard. The community that has formed is filled with the most loving and kind individuals it makes my heart smile wide.

My mailbox is also a lot happier. No longer is it just filled with bills and junk but rays of sunshine appear in the form of handwritten notes just for me. It makes going to the mailbox exciting again.

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What also always blows me away is how unique and amazing everyone is who participates. There are people from all walks of life shining there light in this world in such different and incredible ways. Below are some of the websites from some of the people participating this round. Check them out and see what beauty is being shared in this world.

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The current round I am hosting is the last one for 2018 but another one will open up in January. I hope that you will join us. One postcard may seem like such a small thing, but it truly carries with it an incredible impact. Words have power.

Is there something that has been living and breathing deep in your heart? Something you are craving but can’t find anywhere? If so, create it. Make it happen. I couldn’t find anything like Love Notes before I started it. But just because it didn’t exist that didn’t mean people didn’t want to do something like that. You have to put it out into the world. You have to take a risk. Chances are if you are craving it others are as well. I encourage you to make it happen!

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