what does the world need to know about YOU

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What makes being human beautiful is that we are all uniquely different. There are things that come naturally to you. You show up and do them exceptionally well without even having to think about it. These are your strengths and make up your divine spirit.

You have a unique perspective. Every experience you have shapes who you are. You bring with you a beautiful light that is divinely yours. No one else is you.

Yet there are times you dim your own light and choose to stand in the shadows. It could be fear holding you back. The comparison game pushing you down. Not feeling like you have the courage to face what is in front of you. Thinking that your voice doesn’t matter. The list of reasons goes on and on.

But here’s the thing. Your unique light is needed in this world and it is a gift to those around you. Because you are a rockstar! And who you are is a gift to this world. You, just showing up as yourself brings so much to those around you.

Stand confidently in your light!

Show the world who you are. Share the things about you that you have kept tucked away. Tear down the barrier you have protecting your heart and give yourself space to shine.  

When you shine your light you encourage others to do the same. Let’s all stand brilliantly together. And remember, that who you are matters!

Today I invite you to share your unique self with your partner.  Let them in on a side of you that not many people may know about.  Tear down the barrier you have protecting your heart and give yourself space to shine.  

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I invite you to pull out your notebook and spill the beans on who you are. Be bravely open! Begin with this sentence:

I want the world to know that I …

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I want the world to know that I am an observer who shows up with a wide open heart.  I choose the words I speak with intention.  I share from a place of compassion.  I invite you into my world and show you not only the perfect pretty moments but I also reveal what is so ordinary and messy.  I want you to know that you aren't traveling this grand adventure alone.  We are all in it together.  And so I choose kindness.  I choose love.  I choose to encourage you to shine your light bright.  Because the world needs the glitter and sparkle. 

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