three things I need you to know


Deep in your heart there are truths that you know.  You learned them from your experiences.  Many have been unearthed through your struggles.  Others have come to you in your joy.  And still there are some that you have learned through your day to day living.  You cannot deny these truths but sometimes you need to be reminded of them.  

In the Love Notes Postcard Project this week I asked the participants to share with their partner three things they need there partner to know.  Three truths that are living and breathing in their own hearts.  Yes, there are many more than three but what three would you share?  

Three things I need you to know is:

1 - You can do hard things.  Yes, you can.  It will not always feel comfortable and there will be many times you will want to throw in the towel and just walk away.  But it is through this discomfort that you grow and unearth strength and wisdom.  You learn deeply from these challenges and you emerge stronger, braver, and wiser than you were before.  The hard moments become a badge of honor.  A measuring stick for what you are capable of.  And you will rise up again and again and again.  Because YOU, yes you, can do had things. 

2 - You are not meant to travel through this journey alone.  When you open up your heart, share your stories, and invite others in you unearth your tribe.  You find those individuals who cheer you on, stand beside through the good and the bad, and want to see you flourish and grow.  Together you do amazing things!  It is human nature to want to feel connection with another.  But this only happens when you let down your own wall and share yourself.  You find joy in these connections and together you travel through each journey.  

3 - Having a practice of gratitude helps you unearth the beauty and joy you have in your life.  When you take a moment each day to give thanks for even the smallest of things you invite more joy and love into your life.  Your heart softens and see how even a smile from a stranger can mean everything. When you practice gratitude you become more aware of the little moments that make up your day and see how divine they are.  Gratitude helps center you and encourages you to not walk through this life blindly, but rather take care of the moments and appreciate them. 

What three things do you know?  Share them in the comments below because we learn so much from each other.  

Because we aren't meant to travel alone

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