need you to know


I need you to know ...

  • You have an enormous heart.  You care so much about those around you and it shows.
  • You matter.  What you have to say matters.  How you feel matters.  All of it matters.
  • You, exactly as you are is enough.
  • You do not need to change for anything or anyone.  Be you, always. 
  • You care deeply and those around you feel it.  
  • You show up.  You try.  You never give up.
  • You deserve respect, love and compassion.
  • You give others respect, love and compassion.
  • You can do hard things.  I have seen it and have admired the way you stand tall even when it is hard.  
  • You are a light of inspiration, hope and understanding.  
  • You reach out your hand and invite others in. 
  • You have this incredible ability to listen deeply and make others feel comfortable to spill open and share their heart.  
  • You do not judge others for who they are or the decisions they make.
  • You show up with love and kindness.
  • You do not rush through.  You slow down and take it all in.  
  • You appreciate the little moments.  The sound of the ocean, the beauty in a sunset, finding a feather.  
  • You are a helper.  Being there for others when they need it. 
  • You are creative.  
  • You are independent and work hard to figure things out on your own. 
  • You put your trust in others until they show you otherwise.
  • You observe the world and soak in all the beauty that surrounds you.  
  • You take chances.  
  • You follow your heart.
  • You ask for help when you need it. 
  • Your positive energy is contagious.
  • You are a natural leader.
  • You are organized and detail oriented.
  • You have a calm demeanor even when things get a little crazy.
  • You are passionate.
  • You are freaking AMAZING.

Never forget this.  Ever.  Believe in yourself ALWAYS.  Stand tall in who you are.  You deserve to have all of your dreams come true because you work hard to make them happen.  Continue to take risks.  Do not be afraid of falling or looking the fool.  Step outside your comfort zone and know that no matter what happens you are a divine light in this world.