mondo beyondo


There are dreams living and breathing in your heart and they matter.  Some of them have never been spoken and some may even surprise you.  What you dream about is important and these dreams need to be spoken out loud.  It is in the act of writing them down that you breath life into them and give them an opportunity to bloom. 

For the past many years I have been following Andrea Scher's lead and writing my yearly Mondo Beyondo list.  This is a list of everything I dream and desire.  There are no rules to what can go down on the paper.  It is an opportunity to let go and dream big.  The way it works is you set a timer for ten minutes and begin to put all your dreams down.  You don't let the pen stop until the time goes off.  There is no judgement to what comes up just space to put it down.  

It is incredible to look back on my list and see some of the things I wrote down that I forgot about and how they have come true.  Things when I wrote them I couldn't imagine ever happening.  But that is the power of manifestation.  When we write it down we begin to put it into motion and once it is in motion it is has the power to come true.  

I encourage you to set aside ten minutes with your journal.  Light a candle.  Say a prayer to being open. Then let your heart spill onto the page all that it desires.  Show up with out judgment and see what you unearth.  You may be surprised. 

2018 Mondo Beyondo List

  • Coach people on the power of writing and using it as a daily tool
  • Travel to Ireland
  • Ride my bike across country
  • Be better with my money
  • Move my body daily
  • Nourish my soul
  • Hold hands and be close to the one I love
  • Spend time with my family
  • Laughter, lots and lots of laughter
  • Own a house at the beach
  • Teach yoga and meditation
  • Teach writing workshops
  • Host yearly writing and movement retreats
  • Have a job that fills my soul and makes me enough money to not have to worry
  • Live in a community where I can ride my bike around town
  • Create my own inspiration deck
  • Be deeply connected to those around me
  • Have the ability to express how I feel without hesitation but also with kindness
  • Love deeply and go on many adventures with the one I adore
  • Run another marathon
  • Gather with women and connect through honest and open conversation
  • Have gatherings of individuals from Love Notes
  • Give a Ted Talk
  • Bring Love Notes on the Ellen show
  • Sit down with Oprah and be on Super Soul Sunday
  • Travel the world giving talks that inspire and move individuals to live their best life
  • Get paid to share my writing
  • Travel often with the one I love
  • Be present in the everyday moments
  • Cook more often
  • Slow down and savor the moments and the people I am with
  • Share my heart with those worthy of sharing it with
  • Inspire people with my words
  • Have a deeply connected relationship with the one I love filled with mutual respect, kindness, space, and intimacy
  • Continually grow and develop

What is on our list?  Whisper your dream out loud to help unearth it coming true.  


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