connection with nature & community


If you ever come looking for me you will most likely find me outside.  Breathing in the fresh air, soaking in the sunshine, and connecting with nature.  This is what grounds me and brings me joy.    

Recently I had the opportunity to connect with two dear locals girls to chat about Love Notes as we explored a part of the Appalachian Trail together.  Kristen and Marybeth are the founders of 7th Heaven Hikes.  They believe that life is supposed to be a joyful experience for everyone.  They have a deep appreciation for nature and connecting with individuals.  They have just began their business venture together even though it has been long in the works before they even realized it.  They are a magical duo and refer to themselves as the Wonder Twins.  

Kristen and I met at Yoga Teacher Training.  Her spirt and spark lit up the room.  I admire her courage, the way she takes on challenges even when she is uncomfortable, and her deep spirited nature.  She is also a Jikeden Reiki Practitioner.  I have gone to her for Reiki treatments and always left feeling lighter and more energized.  

The work that Kristen and Marybeth are doing is so needed in today's world.  It is all about getting outside, connecting with nature, feeling the warm sunshine on your skin, breathing in the fresh air, and connecting with individuals. It is about stepping away from technology and stepping into this beautiful world that mother nature created.  As we hiked we saw many hearts which confirmed that it was a true Love Notes walk.  

You can connect with 7th Heaven Hikes through their website, Facebook page, and Instagram


What I love most about 7th Heaven Hikes is the in person connection with community.  This has been a focus for me.  I am most comfortable connecting with others through the written word.  Through writing I can cut right to the heart of the matter and do not have to worry about small talk.  As an introvert in person gatherings can take a toll on me.  I want to jump into the juicy stuff but struggle to know how to get there.  So I go where I am comfortable and listen rather than speak. 

But I am craving sitting across from you.  Looking into your eyes as we share our stories.  Reaching out and holding your hand.  Getting to know your mannerisms and being able to hear the sound of your voice.  Connecting in person allows us to go in deeper.  To really see one another.  

I have connected through the written word with so many amazing individuals in the Love Notes community.  It is filled with wide open hearts and I am always left in amazement for how giving, compassionate, and empathetic they are with one another.  I dream of gathering together.  Sitting around a giant campfire, telling stories, sharing our hearts, and simply just being together.  Oh the magic that would unfold if we were all in one place!  

Let's Get Together

Until I can iron out the details for a larger gathering I would love the opportunity to meet up with local Love Noters. 

I am based out of Mahwah NJ and will be doing something in the Bergen County area on the afternoon of August 5th.  If you are around I would to meet you.   

We can do so much more when we come together than we ever can alone.  And when we join together in person we are that much stronger.  I look forward to seeing you!  

Have any questions feel free to drop me a note: