because snail mail still matters

love notes

When is the last time you sat down and wrote someone a letter?  The last time you were excited to go to your mailbox and see what was waiting inside {and no, not because a package from amazon was waiting for you}.  The last time you took a moment to connect with someone through the written word?  

Today we rely on instant connection.  A text message here, a check in on social media, a tweet, a like, a comment, maybe even an email.  It is quick and fleeting.  I love that we have the ability to connect with one another instantly.  It is like a little piece of magic in the palm of your hands.  

But what if you slowed down for a moment.  Took some time to write a note to a friend on a blank piece of paper.  Then dropped that note into the mailbox and gave it some more time to reach them.  How do you think your friend would feel when they opened up their mailbox and saw a very special surprise just from you.  

It is incredible how one letter can change someones day.  

A few years ago I created the Love Notes Postcard Project.  A simple three week project centered around connecting with individuals through snail mail.  In this digital age I had no idea if people would be interested, but it was something I was craving and so I knew I had to put it out into the world.  

What emerged from this small idea was an incredible community of individuals connecting through the written word sent through the mail. 

Strangers writing to one another.
Strangers opening up their heart and sharing a piece of their world with each other.
Strangers connecting.
Strangers reaching out to others who needed a little extra TLC.
Strangers no longer strangers, but friends.

It is the power of the written word that has brought these individuals together. Their hearts are as wide as the ocean.  Their courage to take a chance is immense.  There desire to lift others up with no expectation of anything in return is incredible.  They are a community of Love Notes senders.  It was the lure of the written word that brought them together, but it was their willingness to open up and connect that has made them friends.  

I never in my wildest dreams imagined such a divine and loving community forming out of the Love Notes Project.  Each time I visit the facebook group my heart overflows with gratitude and love.  It is these individuals who make the project possible and it is their divine kindness that forms deep meaningful connections. 

The project is simple.

3 weeks + 3 writing prompts = 3 postcards sent and received

Individuals from around the world have participated including the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, Canada, Japan, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and more.  There have been places I had to look up because I wasn't even sure where they were on the map.  

In a world filled with uncertainty this project reinforces that there is still good in the world.  There are kind and loving individuals reaching out a hand.  We stand together, sharing our hearts, sharing our stories, sharing hope.  

What may be simple words to you could be the exact words someone else needs to hear.  What you write could change someones day or bring a smile to their face.  Your postcard is a little piece of fairy magic.  You may never know the effect is has on others along it's journey and when it arrives at it's final destination, but that is part of the wonder.

I am excited for the very next round of Love Notes starting on Sunday, January 14th.  There is still time for you to join us if you are interested.  There is no requirement to be creative or an exceptional writer.  The prompts are simple and the writing space on a postcard is short and sweet.  Store bought postcards work perfectly.  And if you don't have a postcard a note card works as well.  In fact any piece of paper you can drop in the mail is perfect.  

I invite you to come back to the basics and join us for three weeks of snail mail fun.