stepping into february


In the beginning of the year I choose a full spread of tarot cards, each card representing a different month.  It has given me an opportunity to slow down and be in the moment more often. 

February is the month of the fish.  

With this comes challenges as the fish is in constant movement on unsure terrain.  There is the ability to get lost in this roaming lifestyle, and not having clear goals can push me in many different directions.  Knowing that the fish is guiding me this month I will need to find peace, set small goals, and accomplish them.  I will have to be adaptable and turn to the moonlight to ground me.  

Even just being a few days into February I can see how this month will be filled with movement and unsteady terrain.  At work things are in constant motion and I need to be flexible and not allow the unsteadiness to shake me.  There is only so much I can control.  I must focus in on what I can can do and not allow what is out of my hands to bring me down.  

At home the ground beneath me is ever changing.  I am unsure what my future will hold but one thing I do know is that I need to follow my heart and push through.  I need to do what makes me truly happy.  There are so many dreams that have been living and breathing inside me.  It is time to bring them to life. 

Movement can be good.  It takes us from one phase of life to another.  We aren't always ready for the changing shifting tides, but sometimes we need to be shaken to our core to open up our eyes and see that we will be ok ... even if we aren't sure where we are.  I invite you to embrace the movement in your life.  To be fluid with it and see where it takes you. 

You may think you are destine for one place and then you end up somewhere entirely different.  Don't write off the different surroundings right away. Give them a chance to show you what they are made of. They may surprise you.