love notes postcard project round 18 wrap up

Your words matter, even when you share them with someone that you do not know.  I have seen this happen first hand through the Love Notes Postcard Project.  Words arriving at just the right time from someone you have never met.  A postcard sitting next to your bills inside your mailbox reminding  you of the hope and love that shines through the world.  A single sentence letting you know that you aren't alone.  These words remind us of our humanness.  


When you share words of hope, love, and encouragement you begin a ripple effect of goodness.  You may never know the full effect they have but I can guarantee you that they have made someone smile.  Words are powerful.  They help us connect.  They break down walls and provide us space to heal.  

When I first started the Love Notes project I had no idea if people who actually take a chance on it.  Who would be brave enough to write to a stranger?  Who would trust this process?  Little did I know that the love and connection I was craving others were craving as well.

Hundreds of people from all over the world have opened their hearts and sent a postcards to a stranger.  Connections have formed and friendships have blossomed all from a words on a postcard, yes as simple as that.

Here we are 18 rounds in and my heart as grown immensely.  I have seen so much kindness from strangers which reminds me that there is an incredible amount of good in this world.  Even when things feel chaotic and crazy people are willing to share why they believe in the universe, how they tend to their soul, and what love is.  These simple prompts provide a jumping off point for deep heartfelt words spilling onto the page.  

And so we begin with pen in hand, an open mind, and a sliver of hope.  We spread our joy and light.  In doing this we encourage others to do the same.  

How do you share your love?  What way do you show up in the world and connect with others?  Looking for an easy way to begin?  Send a postcard to someone.  Let me know how much they mean to you.  Share your favorite memory together.  Simply say "I see you".  

And remember; words connect us.