love notes

One simple letter sent through the mail can change someone's day
Yes, just a few words on a postcard
Can bring a ray of sunshine
It takes you just a moment to share your heart
And when you open up
You invite others in
What a precious gift our words are

A few years ago I started the Love Notes Postcard Project.  A three week postcard exchange where individuals are partnered up to send postcards to one another based off of the weekly writing prompt.  I started this project because I longed to connect with others and knew if I was feeling this longing others must be feeling it as well.  I put the call out there, inviting others to join me and they did.  

Here we are, a few years later and individuals from all over the world have participated.  Friendships have developed.  Hearts have opened up. Love has spread.  It is truly incredible what has happened because of words traveling through the mail. 

The next round of Love Notes begins on October 8th and I hope that you will join us.  

3 writing prompts + 3 postcards = 3 weeks of snail mail fun!

Whose day can you brighten with your beautiful words?