expand your circle

You are larger than the circle that surrounds you
Your friends, family members, co-workers
The barista at your local coffee shop
The cashier you chat with each time you go to the grocery store
Your mailman
Your yoga teacher
Your librarian
All of these people surround you
Creating the daily world you live in
The one you hold close
The one you know like the back of your hand
But beyond that circle there is a world of people ready to great you
Looking forward to meeting you
Wanting to lend a helping hand
The passenger next to you on the plane who opens his heart
The women hosting running retreats in Oregon
The  man sitting in front of you at both the Chicago Cubs and White Sox's games
The friendly voice answering all your health insurance questions
The waitress at the airport lounge
The author who's book you stumbled on
Yes, there is so much more out there than the circle you are surrounded by
You are bigger than your circle
Your heart is capable of stretching wider than you think it can
You can expand
You can grow
You can invite others in
Do not be fearful of what is beyond your comfort zone
Allow yourself space to open up
Smile at strangers
Begin conversations
Know that anything is possible
When you are willing to take a chance
Take the chance to expand your circle
And allow yourself space to shine