braving the darkness blues


Here on the east coast we have fallen behind with the clock.  We gained an hour of sleep but I feel as if I have lost my way.  The time change in the fall is always hard for me.  I know the cold is coming and leaving work in the dark fills me with the blues.  All I want to do is  curl up in bed.  It is this time of year I know I need to push myself harder than I usually do to stay active and motivated. 

There is much beauty in the world.  The leaves change to vibrate yellows and reds.  The sunset lights up the sky.  The morning darkness provides a moment of quiet reflection as I ease into the day.  Even through the cold I need to push myself out the door.  Fresh air fills my lungs with hope and wakes me up to the world.  

I know that this is a hard time for me and so I need to lean in deep and ask for help from others.  I need to let them know when I am struggling and not allow myself to fall down the rabbit hole.  When I talk about it I feel much better and it doesn't feel so hard.  I need to be more vocal.  

It has ben a while since I have spent hours in the coffee shop writing.  The fall and winter months are the perfect time for me to get back to this.  I miss those moments of collective togetherness hand in hand with solitude.  It is time for me to get back to the page and spill open.  Maybe, just maybe the book that is living and breathing inside me will begin to take shape.  

It is time for me to embrace this darkness.  To give it space to breathe inside me.  For when we stand in the darkness the light becomes that much more beautiful.  One of the reasons I love living in NJ is I get to experience all four of the seasons.  It brings an opportunity for me to reflect as I shift into the change in the weather.   

And so we begin, another shift.  Another moment to begin again.  

How do you handle these transitions?  Do you have any tools in your toolbox that help get you through?  Together let's brave the blues.