How much time do spend surfing the web or scrolling through your social media channels?  When you are standing in line or waiting somewhere is this the firs thing you go for?  We do it so often now a days that it almost feels like a natural reaction.  Our fingers scrolling back and forth to different platforms then concentrating for a brief moment on whatever we were doing, then back to the scrolling.  I am embarrassed to even think about how much social media consumption I do daily.  I always think I don't have the time to do the things I want to do, but the truth is if I just put down the phone I will have plenty of time.  

My mind and body are craving movement, reading, writing, creating.  When we were away on vacation I read two books and my brain felt energized and my soul felt inspired.  It was divine!  I love reading yet recently the only thing I read are the status on my social media channels.  I know I need to get back to basics.  To doing the the things that my heart and soul desire.  


My body needs movement each and every day.  That movement does not always look the same but there has to be some form of it.  Running, yoga, riding my bicycle, different workouts DVD's that I have.  Something that get's my blood pumping and my heart smiling.  

When I move my body I have more energy.  I sleep better.  I clear my mind and I feel so good.  

Fresh Air

Sitting inside at a desk all day makes me appreciate the fresh air that much more.  I crave it.  I need it.  Without it I feel drained and lost.  Even if it is freezing cold or sultry hot I need a few minutes in the fresh air to bring me back to nature and myself.  

One of my favorite activities is sitting outside on my front porch reading or writing.  There is something about being outdoors that just makes me feel a whole lot happier.  I also enjoy going for walks even if it is only around the apartment complex.  

Fresh air + movement = happiness!  


Writing is another way that I find my way back home and open up my heart.  It is through the page that I can release all that I am holding onto and tell the truth of my story.  I am able to show up without a filter and spill wide open.  

Through writing I find not only who I am, but where I want to go.  I discover dreams, let go of past hurts, and navigate my own journey.  My notebooks are my sacred ground.  


When I was young we lived within walking distance of the library.  It was a teeny tiny library but that didn't bother me, I loved going there.  Then they up and moved it all the way across town ... but that didn't stop me ... I would jump on my bike and spend hours at the library.  I feel at home when I am in a library.  I love picking up books purely for their title and diving right in. 

I can get lost in a story quickly.  Words leave me feeling inspired and renewed.  They awaken pieces of me that I didn't realize were dormant.  Through others words I find my own.  


I developed a love of creating from my mom.  She was always crafting something, working with paper and scissors, having such a good time making something out of nothing.  When I am creating time stands still. I am in the moment and enjoying exactly what is unfolding before me.

My mom taught me that there is no wrong or right way to craft ... it is all about having fun.  She turn ordinary picture frames into mini works of shell art.  They weren't always perfect, but they were made with love!  

I need to get back to all of this. To doing what I love.  To reigniting my spark and finding myself again.  Time passes way to quickly and when I spend it on social media it passes even faster!  I am looking forward to this Sunday and the start of the Love Notes Postcard Project

3 postcards + 3 stamps + 3 writing prompts = 3 weeks of snail mail fun!   

If you didn't sign up yet there is still time to join.  Click here --->

They say how you spend your days is how you spend your life.  I want to spend my days creating the life that I love.  I want to savor the moments, laugh wildly, hold hands, move my body, and do the things that my soul desires.  There is only one way to do that ... put down the phone and live this life!  

How about you?  How do you spend your days?  What do you wish you were doing instead?