why? why not!

Because there is beauty in the small moments
In the in between spaces
In hello and goodbye
You can find it tucked away just waiting to be discovered

Because there is no longer time for excuses
Your heart is calling
And you must listen to it's cries
You know the path you are meant to travel down

Because even though they said you can't you have to prove them wrong
You know you can
You feel it in your heart and soul
You must take the risk and try

Because if you didn't you would regret it
You would be filled with wonder and always question yourself
You know that isn't for you
You have to follow your heart

Because beauty and connection have always been your guides
You seek out the unknown
You unearth the unseen
You help others shine their own light

Because this is what you came into this world to do
To live out loud
To guide, to lead
And all you can say is why not