Life can sweep me up in a whirlwind in a quick second.  It is crazy how fast it can happen.  My to do list seems never ending, the dishes are piled high in the sink, the laundry needs to get done, and the is still un made.  Auto pilot commences and I am flying from one thing to the next not funny present in the moment.  

I am not a fan of when this happens.  I drive to work and don’t even realize I am driving until I arrive in the parking lot and open the door.  Has that ever happened to you?  Your mind so distracted you become lost in a hazy cloud unsure of which way is down.   

To keep myself from venturing down this path I have chosen to add a couple of mandatories into my every day routine as well as some go to self-care practices that ground me quickly and remind me of the journey that I am choosing to take. 


  • Meditation every day even if it is only for 10 minutes.  Before leaving the house for work in the morning I light a candle, sit on the floor in my living room, and let my thoughts go.  Sometimes I am doing this act in jeans before running out the door and that is ok.  
  • Nourishing my body.  Choosing to provide it with the fuel it needs to make it through each day.  That isn't to say that I am a perfect healthy eater, chocolate chips cookies and chai tea find there way in.  However, I try to be more conscious about what I am choosing and not just grabbing things because they are quick.  

Then there are my go to self care practices that I sink deeply into when my body is craving some love

  • Writing.  Putting words on paper has always helped me figure things out and navigate my way.  It is on the page that I solve problems, breathe life into my dreams, and allow myself space to let go.
  • Capturing the moment through photography.  I love how technology has provided me the opportunity to have a camera in my hand at any moment.  Taking photos on my cell phone is one of my favorite ways to slow down and seek out the beauty.  It gives me the chance to capture the moment in a quick and easy fashion.  
  • Creating alters.  I have many different alters around my house and I love tending to them, rearranging them, showing up to them to drop in a wish.  They are where I go when I need to recenter.  

We all need self care tools that we can turn to.  Little things that don't take much time and effort, but fill up our wells and help us navigate our paths.  

Each and every day YOU are creating a beautiful and divine life.  Yes, YOU are doing that even through your everyday moments that you feel are ordinary.  

Take a moment to appreciate this life you are working so hard at.  Fill up your well.  Take time for you. Enjoy your one wild and precious spin on this great planet.  

Want to gather with a group of women who are looking to do just that?  Join me on March 1st for a four week online journey where we will unfurl into our beautiful lives through:

  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Practicing Ceremony
  • Creating Alters
  • Meditation

No fancy equipment or experience needed.  I will be taking you through many different ways to approach each exercise and you will learn how to open up and unfurl into your beautiful life.  There will be special guest post from Kelly Barton, Vivienne McMasterChristine Mason Miller,and Donna Wynn.  I hope you join in on this four week adventure.