make your own happy

You have to make your own happy
You cannot rely on others
You are the one in the driver seat
Sure, things will be thrown at you
Bad moments will happen
Hurt and devastation will occur
It is how you react to it that matters
This is what sets the stage
No one can choose your reaction except yourself

You have to make your own happy
Create the life you most want to live
Take risks
Reach out
Find what it is that truly lights you up and go for it
It won’t always go your way
There will be times you wished it was different
How you choose to be in that moment is what matters
Do you let the sadness drag you through the mud
Or do you pick yourself up by your boot straps and continue on
Your happiness is in YOUR hands

You have to make your own happy
You are the one writing your story
You write your own daring adventures
And you figure out a way through when it doesn’t work out
Write happiness into the story
Add smiles and laughter
Joyful moments of seeking out the beauty admits the disaster
Choose to put one foot in front of the other
Smile, smile wide
Because when you make your own happy
You encourage others to do the same

Go ahead, make your own happy