#bravingtheblues :: making it through the winter blues

Winter is always a tough time for me.  The darkness drags me down and I find it hard to get inspired and stay active. This winter I choose to take action before the blues set in and I wrote a game plan.  I was not going to sit on the sidelines and let the darkness pull me to hibernation.  No way!  I was going to actively pursue what inspired me and seek out the happy. 

I choose to document this journey with the hashtag #bravingtheblues.  

Now here we are, 12 days away from Spring.  I can hear the birds outside chirping as I write this and we just sprung ahead by turning the clocks forward last night.  We are in the home stretch.  Before I know it I will be lacing up my sneakers and pounding the pavement again. Wahoo!

This Spring I am looking forward to:

  • Spending time on our front porch.  {It is one of my favorite places}
  • Going for walks
  • Exercising outside - - - including riding my bicycle and running
  • The sun shining for longer and having the opportunity to enjoy it after work
  • Geocaching adventures
  • Green grass, spring flowers, and the smell in the air

Choosing to actively brave the blues helped me make it through the winter with so much happiness.  The choice was mine.  I could have settled into the darkness and allowed it to pull the energy from my body but I choose not to.  Instead I choose to make the winter the best one yet, and it was.  

I am grateful for all of the moments and the people I spent time with.  There was so much love, laughter and unexpected opportunities that opened up my world.  It was a beautiful winter, and never in a million years did I think that I would pair up the words beautiful and winter in the same sentence, but I just did.     

Now here we are in the home stretch and I am celebrating!  Happy almost spring.