being ok with saying no

I tend to over commit.  To say yes when I really should be saying no.  I carve out time to do things with friends and family, and it is lovely and divine, but it does not leave me much time to do the things that I want to do.  Like read, write, practice yoga, sit on the front porch and watch the day pass by.  

I am an introvert.  I need time to process.  Time to be alone.  Quiet moments to allow my mind space to rest and be restored.  Having a balance between this quiet and the activities with others is hard for me to do.  I put others first not wanting to disappoint.  I say yes when I really deeply am feeling no.  I think of others and do not consider how it is physically draining me.  

I fill my calendar with things to do but never carve out dedicated time just for me.  I push myself to the limits, constantly on the go until my body forces me to slow down.  This isn't good for me or for others.  When I do not take time for me I do not show up as my best self.  I am tired, quiet, and not really there.  

This is something that I know needs to be adjusted.  If I keep going at this pace I will lose who I am and I do not want to do that.  I want to balance my time and in order to do that I must make myself a priority.  I need to recognize when I am pulling myself thin and I say no when I feel it, even if I think I am disappointing someone.  

Saying no isn't easy.  It take courage.  The realization that you may miss out on something.  And knowing that you will inevitably disappoint someone.  But it is needed to stay whole, to be fully present when you are with someone, and to allow yourself space to rest.  

I am going to take a look at my calendar and intentionally carve out time for me.  I am going to write it in ink and follow through as if it was a commitment with another.  I will hold myself accountable.  And when I have this time I will not use i watching tv or getting sunk down the rabbit hole of social media.  I will be intentional and do what feeds me.  

Do you struggle with saying no?  What could you put in place to help you? Please share in the comments as what you do may be a huge help for someone else.