here's to the guy

Here's to the guy who sat with me for hours and hours just to teach me math
Who quizzed me in spelling
Taught me how to throw a ball
And the value of hard work

Here's to the guy who never let me give up
Who lead by example
Was always there for anything I needed
And who I look up to

Here's to the guy who has been there since the beginning
Who never gave up on me
Pushed me to try harder
And loved me unconditionally, no matter what I put him through

Yes, here's to the guy who is strong and wise
Who can calculate any math problem in his head
Light a fire with one match
And hand a tarp higher than you can imagine

Here's to the guy who is my father
Who continues to teach me open my heart
Lean into family
And be brave

Happy Fathers Day "Father"!  I love you!