preparing for the winter blues

Winter is always a struggle for me.  It is the darkness that brings me down.  Upon leaving work {in the dark} I head home and want to flip on my heated blanket and crawl straight into bed. I think in a past life I was a bear that hibernated all winter.  This year before the winter blues take hold of me I am going to prepare and set my mind up with different ways to brave the blues.  I know that once I get to deep into the darkness it becomes a struggle for me to surface.  With these plans in place I will hopefully not fall down the dark whole.   I hope you will join me in braving the blues. Let's begin.  

Ten ways to prepare for braving the blues

  1. Twinkle lights, lots and lots of twinkle lights.  In my house twinkle lights are not only for christmas.  I have them on year round.  They cast the perfect glow.  I love curling up on the couch with my journal, twinkle lights glowing, and music softly playing.  It feels incredibly peaceful.  To help brave the blues I am going to pull out some more twinkle lights and hang them up inside.  
  2. Get outside.  When it is dark and freezing cold out the last thing you may want to do is get outside, but it may be the best thing for you.  A simple walk around the block and breathing in the fresh crisp air will do wonders for your soul.  You will feel rejuvenated and alive.  Yes, the hardest part is walking out the door but once you return I promise you will be so glad you did it.  Dress appropriately.  Layer up.  Put on your gloves and a scarf and step outside.  I live a few blocks from a coffee shop.  Instead of curling up and hibernating I am going to grab my laptop and my journal and head to the coffee shop to write.  The short walk will do me good.  
  3. Be around others, even if they are strangers.  Walking to the coffee shop is only half of the prescription for braving the blues.  Being around others and not cooped up alone will lift your spirits.  Even if all you are doing is listening to others conversations and observing the world around you, it is nice to be reminded that you are part of a greater good.  You are not alone in your winter blues.  When I lived alone I spent many hours in coffee shops, at bookstores, or in the library.  As human beings we long to be around others.  Even though you may not talk to someone while you are out in public you will be reminded that you are not alone.  
  4. Become friends with your local library.  The library is a wealth of inspiration and knowledge.  During the cold winter months seek out different books that will take your mind on a journey.  Spend some time in the kids section and read children's books.  Rent a movie, listen to music.  Pick up the latest travel magazine and dream about summer time and where you want to travel to.  The library has all sorts of amazing resources.  This winter I plan to make a weekly trip to the library to discover new things.  
  5. Set up a weekly date with a friend. Having a weekly standing date on your calendar gives you something to look forward to.  Find a friend who lives nearby and set up a weekly movie date, meet at the coffee shop, walk together.  Do anything, just do it together.  
  6. Dance the blues away.  After sitting at your desk or being cooped up in the office all day get your body moving.  Put on your favorite dance song get silly in your living room.  Dance, dance, dance those blues away.  
  7. Create mini creative adventures.  On little cards write down some things that you can do with supplies you have on hand and seal them up in different envelopes.  For example:  pull out the watercolors and paint, tear out inspiring images from magazines, draw stick figures scenes, get a little messy and fingerprint.  Sometimes when we are feeling the winter blues it is hard for us to decide what to do.  Let the fate of the cards determine your next adventure.  When you are feeling down pick an envelope and commit to doing what ever it says.  
  8. Send snail mail.  Sit down and write a letter to someone you love.  Let them know how much they mean to you.  You will be surprised how it lifts you up to send a little sunshine.  If a  letter is to much try a postcard.  
  9. Have a movie night.  Make pop corn, curl up on the couch, and watch your all time favorite movie.  You know, the movie that you know word for word.  
  10. Learn something new.  Being cooped up inside you will have time to learn a new skill.  Give your hand at crochet, a new language, or how to do something you always wanted to do.  

The winter can be tough but you when you brave it with others and have a plan in place it may not be as bad as you thought it was going to be.  So together lets brave the winter blues. 

I will be sharing images on instagram {@jbelthoff} with the hashtag #bravingtheblues and hope that you will join me.  Seeing others photos may inspire you and help you brave the blues.  Let's do this together!