music :: the key to my heart

Music is the key to my happiness.  It is what wakes me, picks me up when I am having a bad day, and gets me moving and grooving.  If you enter my apartment when I am home alone you will likely find a candle lit and music playing.  

Click play to listen to the top 10 songs that I played over and over again in 2014.  

Music speaks to me deeply.  It is one of my biggest teachers.  I know when I am in a bad mood or looking for some inspiration that I can turn on a specific song and immediately be shaken free.

For this of you who may not be able to view the grooveshark playlist the top 10 songs are:

  1. I Lived - One Republic
  2. Brave - Sarah Bareilles
  3. I Run for Life - Melissa Ethridge
  4. Shattered - O.A.R.
  5. Counting Stars - One Republic
  6. Home - Phillip Phillips
  7. High Hope - Glen Hansard
  8. I Do - Jude
  9. We Are Young - Fun
  10. The Load Out (Stay) - Jackson Brown

For the longest time my life theme song was Upside Down by Jack Johnson.  However this year big things happened and a new song spoke to me and ignited my spark. My new theme song is #1 on the list:  I Lived by One Republic.  

What about you?  Do you have a life theme song?  What songs get you up moving and grooving.  songs move you?