love notes postcard project:: joy is

tutu skirt

Another round of the Love Notes Postcard Project is wrapping up with the third and final prompt:

Joy is . . . 

I love this prompt because joy is so many different things.  There are the simple joys of a child's laughter and the more complex ones of watching something you have worked so hard come to life.  Joy bubbles up in unexpected moments and reminds us of the sweet spot of life.  

Joy is wearing what makes you feel good
Dancing to your favorite song on the radio
Seeing the ones you love
Making it across the finish line

Joy is infused in your home
You will find it as you share a meal around the table
When you look lovingly at yourself in the mirror
And when you take a moment to pause and savor that this is your safe space

Joy is the wave of emotion that overcomes when you recognize that you are standing exactly where you are meant to be.  

Joy is within you.  You seek it out.  You bring it to the table.  You share it with others.  And it makes this life a lot better.  Yes this is Joy!  

What is joy to you?  Where do you find it and how do you savor it?